im not sure if its metal, but heregoes anyway. if its not, im not sure what it is so mods could move it. and either way im interested to see what the metal forum says of it.



not bad. Vinny Paul's new band, consists of:

Vinny Paul (Pantera/Damageplan)
Chad Gray (Mudvayne)
Greg Tribbett (Mudvayne)
Tom Maxwell (Nothingface)
Jerry Montano (Nothingface)

and thats a pretty good cross section of what it sounds like.
to me, it seems like a kind of rebellious, vaguely southernish nu metal? but id like to see what the metal forum says.

it gets two and a half s out of 5.
Hell no. Close this thread and move it to the Nu-Metal Forum.
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**** yeah, I love them. The slow song was pretty so-so, and the name kinda sucks, but still, the band is friggin' awesome.