Just a little poem I had to write about a guy in the Holocaust for English class.

The Thin Red Line

Lead spreads throughout, and clings my senses.
The air I breathe has been poisoned by the Nazi menace.
Treated like a dog in a cage of steel,
With the crack of the whip on my hands and knees, I kneel.

Fifteen years old I walk a thin red line.
Starving and cold, I’m close to falling off the ledge of life.
Gasted by the silence pounding my ears eternally, I
Fear the Germans ordering a halt to the marching beat.

Peering around looking for an escape.
Looking towards God, praying that death shall not be my fate.
Over my shoulder soldiers laugh and scorn.
Freedom does not lurk here; death and torture will forever be near.

In case your wandering cling means to grasp or take hold of. Gasted means to have fear.
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