hey guys

i planing to buy o new guitar, and haven't played for a couple of years .. so you could call me a beginner.

i have a budget of max . 300 Euro

is there any OK guitar that i could buy with this budget.
please help me 'couse i'm desperate , and can't wait to buy one

yes, my friend...


these 2 are really great, imo, and are the best for the price (imo)

cant go wrong with these.

EDIT: but remember, spend money on a guitar and an amp equally, because the AMP is actually more essential to the sound than the guitar itself
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What type of music do you want play? What bands do you like? Do you have an amp?
I suggest a Yamaha Pacifica 012 pack. Mine's been brilliant and was recommended by a very experienced guitarist friend.
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What type of music do you want play? What bands do you like? Do you have an amp?

hey ! thanks for replys guys

what i'd like to play would be Jimi Hendrix.... but there is a long way

i like David Gilmore , Jimi again :d , Tool and the Seatle Grunge .
what you would need is a MIM fender strat, but those are like 400-450 euros.
ESP's are decent for around that price. But, if you want a heavier sound, go with an Epiphone Studio. They may be cheap, but in whole, the guitar is great.
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Where I am basically every guitar is over-priced, but the Squier '51 is well within your budget, leaves money for a better amp too, and plays fairly well. A little poorly made, but I was happy with mine.
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Hm, go to a store, try Squiers until you get one of which you really like the neck, then buy it and spend the rest of the 300eur on new electronic and pickups. And you have a fine guitar ^^

If you're just starting, the Squier amp out of the starter pack actually sounds quite good. And it costs round. 40eur maybe? Ok so its not loud but who cares you're just beginning. Get a loud amp once you can play.
i bought yamaha pacifica 112j...it`s a great guitar, has a good sound and great playability...i paid for it about 250 euro brand new!