so some of the ozzfest lineup was announced today, and i almost feel embaressed to post it in the metal forum... Was anyone else extremely dissapointed by it? I did not like a single band that was playing until i saw Nile. I live in vancouver and even though its free i dont know if i'll be making the trip to seattle for 15 minutes of nile. Not to mention Nile wasnt even on the first stage! Ozzfest used to be a great metal show, but now its just turning into a bunch of emo and metalcore crap....
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I'm pretty sure theres already a thread on this but honestly, are you surprised?

Ozzfest is COMMERCIAL. MAINSTREAM. Ofcourse there is going to be very well known bands there; it draws in crowds. This shouldn't be a surprised, and if anything, be disappointed in yourself for having hope in Ozzfest.

Myself though, will be going to Wacken this year and I can't ****ing wait. My face will be owned.
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^Dude, go to Hellfest. Sickest lineup EVAH!
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