i am a noob is there any differences between a Telecaster and Stratocaster but the body
The sound. Telecaster is more of a heavier (sound-wise), deeper sounding Strat, while a strat sounds brighter and has better cleans than a telecaster.
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Teles are more twangy and Strats have more of a "bell" sound. Teles are quite popular in country and Strats are very good guitars all around.
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A strat is a more versitile guitar in my opinion, obviously because it has a middle pickup and you can achieve a larger variety of sound. Although some teles also have this middle pickup, some have a single pickup and a humbucker, and some have dual humbuckers. so i guess it really depends on which tele (or strat, because they can have different pickup configurations too) you're talking about. Since both are Fender products, you can get either with just about the same standard features, but i personally prefer the strat because it is more comfortable with the arm and tummy cuts, and is usually lighter. You can also get a whammy bar on the strat which is impossible on a tele outside of the custom shop. Just remember that the strat was introduced a few years after the tele, because Fender had taken customer feedback to make a 'better tele', and they got a strat. Some do prefer the tele though because you can get a more 'twang' sound. Play both and decide for yourself.