Im looking at the B-52 At-100 and the Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212. I want to play punk like blink 182 and taking back sunday, then alternative stuff like pearl jam and third eye blind, and also metal like pantera and godsmacks. Which would fit my needs. Im going to end up buying different guitars to fit my needs for each genre. Right now I just have a squier strat that use for the punk and Im looking at an Epi Les Paull Custom for the Pearl Jam/3EB stuff and a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser for metal. With each guitar which amp will get me my desires.
id say b52 since it can do most styles pretty well
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wat pedals could i use to get a metallica-ish metal tone and wat could i get for a pop punk overdrive with the fender?
the b52 is much more versatile.
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I just think the Fender's the better amp. I'd go with the Deluxe size instead (40W is PLENTY!), and use the money I saved on the pedals that would help get the metal tones you're looking for. It'll do all the pop punk/alternative stuff better than the B-52 on it's own, IMHO.
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b-52 and the les paul.

most versatile combo you can get at your stage.

the b52 is a good amp and the les paul can do just about every style of music very well.
I tried a B-52 and was not impressed with it at all. Sounded "tinny." Maybe it was just me, but it didn't impress me much.