I want my guitar to sound exactly like tom delonge. I love his music. What pickup could i use. Is the invader the best option. I'm building a guitar. Soon.... Well any suggestions on the wood. And i dont want to hear "What do you want to sound like Tom for" or "Tom Sucks"


I want to sound like tom so if you can help me post, if not, go somewhere else.
Thanks Dewdadrew
Yep, the invader with an alder body guitar will get you pretty close to his tone
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The invader is what he uses so logically...

Oh, and a hardtail strat bridge.

with just a volume

Its a really basic guitar.

If you have the money get a MIM strat and just get a new pickguard and stuff. Dont change the bridge, just block it off.

That way if you ever want more options you can go back.
i think its just one volume? control, an SD invader, no other pickups, i dont think he has a trem.
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And it HAS to be either surf green or pink.

I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
Depends on what kind of guitar your trying to replicate the sound of. Remember he has the Fender sig with the Seymour duncan invader and he has a Gibson signiture with a gibson dirty fingers humbucker. A fender style strat with an invader should sound good though. And as someone else mentioned. Surf green or Daphine blue FTW

Tom delonge = Good in blink 182, crap in AVA
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And it HAS to be either surf green or pink.


or daphne blue!

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Daphne blue and maple neck/FB ftw! So damned sexy.

I wouldn't get the sig, they're always overpriced.
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Daphne blue and maple neck/FB ftw! So damned sexy.

I wouldn't get the sig, they're always overpriced.

Haha I got a the strat with daphne blue and a maple neck, its awesome.(ALthough green is my favorite color so I would have picked the surf green if they had it.)
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He used a les paul a lot so yeah....

I know TOYPAJ and the self titled album each had a considerable amount of him recording with various gibbys. There's tons of videos of them recording the self titled album and Tom almost completely used gibbys and barely got a prototype of his sig like a month or two into recording.

He also used a variety of amps including mesa marshall and diesel, so yeah that's kind of up in the air.
Body= Alder
Pickup= SD Invader
Color= Dapne Blue Or graffiti yellow?
Best place to get a body? ebay?

Oh and im makin a fender sig. not the gibson, its a cool guitar but as the dude said before Tom in blink 182= Awsome Tom iNAVA= Crap