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So im just curious what amp did you use to practise with growing up...I used to use a line 6 spider and now I use a Dsl 401.

Bout YOU?
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i've had my eye on the mesa boogie line, my price range is under $600.

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maybe you could buy a picture of one for 600, and just pretend for awhile...

I used a Peavey Rage 158 for four years until I bought my Classic 50 a few months ago.
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i have yet to find another one exactly like it, online or in the store i got it from.
i'm still playing it until i can save up some money to get a Fender hot rod deluxe or some other tube amp.
A Yamaha G10, Marshall MG15MSII and shortly will be replaced by a Laney VC30. <3
My grandpa's Mesa Boogies I have a cool grandpa.
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i used and still use a kustom kga10

its not as bad as you think though, its pretty decent
I used a fender frontman 25r, loved that amp untill it broke down. Now I'm currently a Vox-man.
Marshall MG10CD Replaced it with a Peavey Enovy 110 a few months ago. Best ss amp money can buy. (Only 300 aswell)
i had a small jay turser, broke it, got an old small fender, and just got a new fender rumble amp
Fender Bullet 15 DSP, then a Marshall MG30DFX which i sold to pay towards my current Peavey Classic. the Fender is down at my dad's (he lives an hour or so away) so that i dont have to lug a 200W tube combo around.
My first months of guitar were spent with a Sammick 25w practise amp. Till I decided playing guitar was for keeps and bought myself an Orange amp
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Swing T-Through

Ibanez TS9DX
Sovtek Small Stone - c.1985
EHX Big Muff
Kimbara Wah - c.1974
Boss GE-7

Orange Rocker 30 Combo
first year i used a marshall mg50 and now i use a peavy 6505+ half-stack
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adio_stack...i love you.
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I don't even remember what my first amp was, but I played with a Stage 25 for a few of the early years. It was a Univox by another name with a real groovy 70's logo!

Had a white/maple Univox Strat at the same time that I wish I still had.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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My first amp was a Peavey Special 112.

After that came (by manufacturer, not order of purchase)

Crate 50 watt head from the 80's
Crate GX1200 full stack
Line 6 Spider 2 head (cheap backup for tube head)
Marshall Valvestate head
Marshall DSL 100 head
Peavey Butcher Half Stack (tube head)
Peavey 5150 head

Now I have the Dual Rec half stack and am totally satisfied with the gain and volume. May get a 212 cabinet though, still debating.
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my 1st amp came built-in the case - came from Montgomery Wards - it was 1965 or 66... I got hooked. Then in 67' I heard Hendrix and it was all over... Now I'm 55 AND STILL FRIGGIN' HOOKED on makin' bloody noise
Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!
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I've played with a fender frontman25 amp for a couple years, then a cube15/30, now a orange rocker 30 combo!
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my 1st amp came built-in the case - came from Montgomery Wards - it was 1965 or 66... I got hooked. Then in 67' I heard Hendrix and it was all over... Now I'm 55 AND STILL FRIGGIN' HOOKED on makin' bloody noise

ahaha that's awesome! if i can't meet a veteran now, might as well talk to you about things.
Roland Cube 20x
86% of the people who frequent the "Electric Guitar" forum would say that they have played guitar for under 5 years.
First Amp... A fender Vibro-champ!! sweet all tube amp, till I needed money, and sold it for 50 bucks!!!(if i only knew then what i know now!) DAMN IT! now they're damn near 400 bucks! oh well live and learn! so now I'll learn to live with the Crates.....
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I used some 20 watt Vibe amp for a year and a half, before upgrading to a Fender Princeton 65 watt for a year and a half, until I upgraded to my Peavey JSX 212.
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stuck with the crate glx30 for the first 2 or 3 years. apparently didn't know anything about tone and got the half-stack version of it. i was aware that it sounded exactly the same too... goddamnit.

but now i got an epi valve junior and having a hard time starting to mod it... sounds fine now, but just barely makes band practice volume.

i think after effects and drum set upgrades i'm going for the mesa single rect.
oh it's a long road.
Gibson SG Standard + 18volt EMG-81 & 85
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My first set was just a Squier strat pack, with the Frontman 15G.

However i'm still practicing and learning but my gear has upgraded to a ad30vt and an Epiphone Les Paul.
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Crate GX65, I liked the amp, but after a few years wanted something new.
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my faithful late 80s fender M-80 which i still use today for practice and the occasional recording.
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Mine was a little 10watt radio shack amp...sold it. then funny enough i ran into it 5 years later in a pawn shop in my town with all the same markings i made on it and everything so i knew it was my old amp. So i bought it right away for 20 now i play my Carvin legacy.
Carvin Legacy
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Started with some Crate GFX212 thing...had it for a few years and upgraded to Hot Rod I wish I knew back when I bought that crate what I know now. That HRD is great and I'm loving it, but hopefully will be replaced by the end of this year with a Deluxe or Twin Reverb.
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Started with a Squire Strat and a Danelectro Dirty 30. Then Bumped it up to the strat, Epiphone Les Paul Standard, POD XT Live, and a 1964 Gibson Discoverer 1x12 amp. *learn from this* >>>>>>SAVED MY MONEYS<<<<<<<< Now I'm using the gear listed in my sig. and I love it. My rig has come a looong way and it has a way to go but this is good right now for what I do.
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...oh it's a long road.

I hear that! *sigh*

Then: Crate G40CXL

Now: Music Man 50RD with a Carr 2x12 Slant 6V Cab

Still: Yamaha DG-Stomp [it's a damn good processor because its damn good at modeling other amps like Mesa/Marshall/Fender etc...]
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...for the gigs im going to be playing its going to be 60% tone and 40% stage look, and I'd like the look of my rig to be able to back up its sound.

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first 2 years I played on a Dean Markley 312B 1x12 bass amp and a Boss DS-1

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