Hi, I am trying out for the school jazz band. I just need some songs to show them, not whole songs., just want to impress them a bit. You don't have to know how to read musical notation to get in this band, so that cool. What are some impressive pieces to play for them that I can get down by next Wednesday(thats when the tryout is). I have only been playing for a couple months, so please take that into consideration when suggesting a song. I am looking for something impressive, but not hard to play at all.
Be cool.
~pick up the pieces~

you probably don't recognize the name, but once you hear it you'll know it immediatley.
you should study up on musical notation anyway because more than likely you will have to sight read... or at least be able to translate it to tab...and as for the try out go for some bluesy stuff, likee bbking or albert king or freddy king... or some jazzier stuff like the pink panther, etc

"the stumble" would be good...

and finally know your theory specifically based around harmony... in other words know how to build chords anywhere on the neck... and not just the standard chords either but like 9ths and thirteenths and such (all this is really deailing with is steps in the chord/scale)
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alright thanks, any more?

MMmmmm try Nothing else matters...Intro or solo they are both eazy...
or the first solo in welcome home (sanitarium)...or Intro to Fade2Black it's F***ing Awesome
Well if we are thinking jazz band dont we want jazz music?

And you will have to know how to read standard notation for jazz band. But for songs, Id say to play something easy such as blue bossa. Go to the musician talk forum and there is a sticky with (I think thats the SOTM).
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