Hey I have this song that im in love with and it's on youtube and I want to download the .mp3 but it is nowhere on the web limewire itunes etc. Is there a way to record the youtube video into .mp3

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You should ask this in The Pit.
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if sound quality isn't super important:

play the video and record it on a tape (i know tapes are lame, but you can use just about any tape player to record)
plug the tape recorder into the computer and open microsoft sound recorder
go to edit and then to audio properties, find where it says recording volume and check 'line in'
press record on the sound recorder and play the tape
you can change the sound file into an mp3 by downloading a converter free off the internet in like 2 seconds.

~i know its a little sketchy, but it works; you just might get a little white noise, but nothing too bad.
search it in google.... its pretty easy on a mac... im not sure on windows but im pretty sure it can be done.. you will have to download software to convert the file to a useable file... but you can find them for free... i use a program called iSquint... but there are others im pretty sure...