Poll: Who is better, Jimi hendrix or stevie ray vaughn
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View poll results: Who is better, Jimi hendrix or stevie ray vaughn
Jimi hendrix
7 88%
Stevie ray vaughn
1 13%
Voters: 8.
Me and my dad always argue about who is better. I say hendrix and he says vaughn. Who do you think is the best one?
hendrix did so much more than vaughn.... stevie stuck w/ mainly the blues, while hendrix did much more rock and funk songs, which allowed him to also experiment on the guitar and improve his playing there

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Not only did hendrix play in more genre's/ styles, but he also played with a wider variety of tones and effects. SRV more or less always sounded that annoying over-the-top tone. If you are talking about guitar-dueling the two, SRV would probably win, but I like Hendrix loads better.
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