I have 2 questions

1. Is Locking a Fender strats trem hard to do?

2. How should i go about doing it?
as in using the trem as a floyd rose, or locking it down so that it doesnt move at all (like clapton does)?

if you mean the second one, then just add 2 more trem springs (so that you have five) and screw in the 2 screws that connect the trem springs to the body all the way they go (or tight enough that the bridge is flat or almost flat against the body).
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^ as above question.
If you mean installing floyd rose, you in theory can do it without routing, but you will get a few dents on your body.
^ you'd need to fit a locking nut, which is bigger than a regular nut, so you would have to route the space for that
No not installing a floyd Rose

Just locking the Tremelo on the strat, i know I have to get 2 more springs, but someone told me i needed to shove a piece of wood into somewhere to hold it in place
Oh, grab a random block of wood, shave it until it fits between the trem and the body, and stick in there.

Jenny should be able to give you a nice pick.
Fine, same with madpickin.
block is easy, you can do the 5 spring method or you can shove a piece of wood in the back. shoving the wood in the back is a good way of doing it, just measure out how large the wood needs to be and cut it to size and put it in the back between the bridge and the body.