Hey people,
God a dilemma, yesterday i put on a brand new set of 11's on my guitar, as i was inotating it today the high e snapped at the ball(wasnt put on well enough at the ball). Now i have a set of 9's of which i can use the B string (.11) as the e of my 11's BUT would i be able to replace all the GBand E strings to help with the soloing?
Basically, should i stick with all 11's and wait for my playing to get accoustomed to it or have the low eAD as 11's and the high GB and E as 9's?
Would there be any problems using the second method as id rather do this?(i prefer the sound and feel of 9's for soloing)
Any help appriciated
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You can do the 2nd method, which is in theory, skinny top and heavy bottom. Lots of chugga chugga for PM riffs and thin strings for crazy solos.
Although personally I don't like thin strings, you can do it, but it takes some time to get used to.
Some retards put .013s as lower strings and use .009s as higher strings, then they realize their neck twists.