Alright guys I'm stuck. I'm thinking of getting a new (and my first) effect pedal. Now what I'm thinking of is a Digitech RP150 or Digitech's Dan Donegan The Weapon pedal. What you guys think I should do?
imo you should avoid digitech, as they are very digital sounding. do you want a multi-effects pedal or single analog pedals (eg an overdrive pedal, a delay pedal)?
Well..if not Digitech what? Oh and Multi > Single. I thought the weapon was really cool though because Disturbed is one of my more favorite bands.
what's your budget? if you're looking to spend < £100 I'd say the Zoom G2.1u. If you have more than that, one of the Line 6 Pods or a Boss GT-6 or 8.
Well since I'm not like from England I don't exactly know what that translates to in US dollars so..
£100 = $196
the zoom g2.1u is about $160, the boss gt-8 is about $450; and there are others between those two.
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Hmm. I suggest not spending a lot of money on a multi-effects pedal, because chances are you'll just ditch it in a year or two anyways. Just get a Zoom of some sort to experiment with, and see what will improve your tone the most, then when you have the cash, get the analog pedals to emulate those effects.

Single pedals > Multi-effects pedals


Experimenting effects will multi-effects pedals > experimenting effects with single effects pedals.
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^ +1

i had a zoom g2.1u for about 6 months, then found it was too digital sounding (tho digitech are worse), and switched to analog. i got a dunlop crybaby wah, then a boss od, then switched that for a boss delay and ibanez od. i found this setup sounds a lot better than the zoom, tho having a valve amp helps.

however, experimenting with the zoom was great - it has all these really weird effects on top of lots of od's, delays, reverbs, flangers, wahs; plus the g2.1u has a whammy effect that u can control with the expression pedal, which is great.
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Yea. I had a Zoom707II for a while, and I thought it was great, just fooling around with the effects and stuff, but when I went to get a good distortion/overdrive tone, it sounded terrible. But since I learned more about effects, I have proceeded to go out and purchase a chorus, flanger, and a wah. As well as an EQ and a tuner, but there weren't exactly on the Zoom.
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well imo if your looking for a multi-effect pedal and not wanting to spend to much i would recommend the Digitech RP-200, i have used one for a few years now(soon to upgrade to single pedals like a pro) but this one has gotten me by quite nicely being my first pedal

though you can most likely discover a better one for more cash chating with the many experienced "pedalers" here, GL
The Weapon has some cool settings, but in the end, i was not satified with it, as it wasn't warm enough, and there wer only two settins I used, the sitar and the octave, and neither are that great.


If its your first pedal get the rp150 so you can experience all these effects and later on buy single ones. Otherwise your just going to be stuck with one effect.
i agree i have an rp150 and its great and btw digital sounding, no... theres a button you push at the top of the pedal its to select to an amp or mixer if you select it on mixer it sounds kinda digital but leaveing it on amp it sounds kick ass... go with the Rp150 its a great buy and good for a first pedal...
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