What are some good humbucker bridge and neck pick ups for a 7-string guitar. The tone I'm looking for is suited for incredible high gain settings, and I'm basically aiming for a creamy fluid lead tone, and a nice and chunky rhythm tone. BUT I also want my pickups to be able to clean up for a nice sparkling clean tone.

Thanks in advance.
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you should contact adder plus pickups and ask them for 7 string pickups. I hear they are starting to build them even tho they don't show them on the site. The Persuader Lead Custom pickups are incredible from what I hear. Think EMG output but passive, not digital sounding, cleans up extremely well, and pretty inexpensive. Contact them and they should help you out.


If you have the cash go with Bareknuckle pickups. You can get custom 7s in any of the 6 string models. I ordered a Nailbomb 7 and a ceramic warpig 7 recently.
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