whats the best free recording program avaible? What are the pros and cons, and what do you think of it. Make sure its free cause im p-o-o-r.
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audacity, don't have time to talk about the pros and cons, it's free for christ's sake, just try it out
Audacity used to be my favorite free program but I'm starting to like reaper more. Audacity is really, really easy to use but it doesn't sound great. Reaper has a slightly steeper learning curve but it is closer to more advanced and expensive software and it seems to sound better. Its easier to mix with reaper as well. Just download a couple free recording programs and try them out. Pick the one that works best for you.
BTW, there is a recording forum
EDIT: Download Hydrogen drum machine and the free fruity loops demo while your at it
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Audacity, Audacity, Audacity. It's amazing, and very easy to use. The only cons are no built in modeling software, but that's not really what it's for. It's more of a straight-up recorder then a program to compose music.
sorry i didnt see the recording form and this was the closest one and can i get links from u guys for whatever u recomend sorry i forgot to ask
bass - That thing that goes bum bum bum.
what exactially is the difference between audacity and reaper besides that reaper is harder to use?
bass - That thing that goes bum bum bum.
Audacity is really an audio editor, Reaper is a DAW, and has much greater functionality(including -albeit limited at this time - MIDI). If you want to go the full free route, also look at Kristal, and after recording, edit what you've done in Audacity.
Reaper is a DAW that integrates everything that Audacity can do (pretty much) and adds the features of a semi-professional DAW (vst plugin hosting, etc). It is the only thing close to professional recording software under $200. So yes - as everyone has suggested get some manuals and download some demos - and have fun!
PM Me for any help you need with recording systems/tips
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