hey everyone, just working on a song which i think is fairly decent but i'd like some feedback/criticism from the good folks of UG. Im going for a darkane/theory in practice type sound. Any feedback is appreciated, and rest assured i will crit your pieces.
Untitled, unfinished.zip
This isn't my kinda music really, but I like what you have.
I didn't really like the preverse with the sample, I changed it around and went up the fretboard so it was: (sorry for the crappy example lol)
9 7 10 7 9
x x x x x
7 5 8 5 7
I wasn't a big fan of the speeding up, but it went well with the solo. The sweepin in the solo didn't sound right, but the rest of the solo was awesome
not too bad -- i like the solo -- it's pretty interesting -- a little darker (like you said) -- what are your main influences?

i got some pieces on UG -- Misc Unsigned Bands - The Onion - (anything) -- (like 30+ songs or so) some i just threw together on the computer and some of the earlier ones were before i understood guitar pro and just screwed around -- let me know what you think -- and let me know when you finish this tune
Markolis XII
Dead Kings Rise... Misfits fans? Anyway, I'm liking it so far. The dark feel is awesome. The speed up actually worked quite great! The solo wasn't bad... and I guess that's saying something since I think most death metalish solos are complete shit. I loved the octave chords in the beginning. Good song!
Hey, I'm Mike.
I liked the feel a lot. I agree that the dark feel is pretty sweet. The drums are awesome, and all the guitar riffs are really sweet. The only things I really didn't like was Riff B and Riff C. I thought after Riff B the song kinda lost it. The solo was good but it seemed like a bunch of random notes. The speed up was pretty cool, but the drums are maybe a little bit much.

8/10 for now.
Overall you got a pretty good song i think if this was to be recorded with vocals it would sound alot like kreator. Some of the riffs were pretty killer and the solo was pretty good could use some work thought. the ending was pretty abrupt though repeat some of the riffs after the solo so the song isnt just all of a sudden over

Other than the ending it is a pretty good heavt thrash song with a better ending it would be great. 7.5/10

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