i dont know if this should go into the relationship thread or not, but im putting it in the post cuz i need answers now...and i didnt use the search button, so shoot me

but ok, is it possible for a girl to get pregnant the first time she ever has sex?

please, i need serious answers...does anyone know?

EDIT: That's a

Yes, I know. Yes, they CAN get pregnant first time.

And no, having sex underwater doesn't give your baby gills.
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Yes she can and they myth she can't is bullshit don't listen to it kiddies.
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Yep, its just like any other time
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Yes of course it is possible, you are only safe if you do it underwater

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Correct me if I''m wrong....but yes it is possible.
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No, beacuse you see...emm *thinks of something* yes right

No, because you see, the first time she ever has sex the sperm has to over come the proto-sperm-vag barrier that is attached by fiborous mebranes to the inner labia. But, after that, beware.

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Something tells me you could be in deep s**t...
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You are a ****ing idiot

No need for that.

Take it to the sex thread.
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