I was looking at the squier hello kitty guitar to customize into a tom delonge strat. I was thinking about the bullet but its a really crappy wood and the kitty one has an agathis body so does anyone know if a standard fender pickguard would cover the hello kitty pickguard on the guitar?
Why not just buy a normal strat and fit a humbucker into the bridge, and wire the tome and volume pots (i think) together? manlier than modding a hello kitty lol
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I love that guitar lol. There is no way that guitar is stock on those videos. I might buy it for the hell of it.
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I was gonna buy one just to make a dick out of myself lolz
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That video pretty well proves that a good guitarist will make anything sound awesome. I love the Hello Kitty Guitar, I want to buy one and put an EMG in it, with a Floyd Rose. I was going to stensil "Bad Kitty" across the body as well.

I tried one in a guitar store, and couldn't get any bass out of the humbucker. Even plugged into a DSL100 head with the bass up full, it still just sounded tinny. A bit of wiring, modified pots and a PUP swap would cure that though. It's one of the few guitars I've ever found that a high end tube amp couldn't drasticly improve the sound of.

I also hate the neck and tuners, like every affinity strat I pick up, but I have a feeling that Ibanez and strat necks are interchangable, I'm trying to picture it with a Wizard neck.
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Just move it around the fretboard
did i just read you want to buy another guitar to customize into someone elses guitar?
did tom not get a sig out of fender? i know he has a gibson.

im sure if its same guitar im thinking of its just like a lime green fat strat. i liked marks pink bass

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oh yeah, just checked those vids, seen them all before but i was like what the ****.
sat in college and this lass has a hello kitty strat and people were like its crap its worse than a normal squier, so i was searching for some sort of sound clip and came across these so turned up speakers and they were like WTF!!!

well what sort of amp you reckon he was using a $1500+ amp?

Gibson lpj
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Les Paul 1960's Tribute Plus
Schecter s-1
Marshall JCM900 100WATT HEAD
Fender mustang 1
Dunlop Crybaby
Danelectro Distortion
Tanglewood exotic electro acoustic
Westfield Bass
He uses a randall couldnt tell you which model tho
Thehello kitty squier is made from the same wood as a bullet.
Get a 51.
dang. that would be impressive...its prly the amp....dang...but a hello kitty would be pretty gay...but if you can shred and pull it off and not look mega gay go for it.
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I have a hello kitty strat, just take the scratchplate off - A strat with a fixed bridge (huzzah) and a single humbucker! (double huzzah) - its a quality lo-fi punk axe. The tone is sweet, its very similar to my MIM Tele through my Marshall vs265r
^ That's crazy. I'd laugh so hard if I saw something like that in a store.
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I'm sorry, am I the only person who watched that all the way through to where the clean tone is? Once he took of the distortion it sounded like arse, I don't know what he was playing it through but it had one hell of a disortion channel, the guitar itself sounded crap.
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why not get a bullet? Less gay and its the same thing...

well it wouldn't be all gay if you got a black one (Which you can get) and removed the hello kitty pickguard... i don't think that one has pink neck markings either.
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