wat kind of things do u like to do with your digitech rp150, 250, and 350? also wat do u like about it. i own a rp350 and it was the first 1 i bought. i dont really make my own effects with it, but i do use a lot of the presets, and i do use it for recording sometimes. thanx
I like mine for headphone practicing
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Same here

I like mine for headphone practicing
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I have an Rp80, and I pretty much only use it for a Wah, bat then I broke it, so, no wah, meh? I've got a VX400 (Price Equivalent to RP400), thats designed for vocals, but can support any frequency, so it works well with Bass and keyboards too. It has amazing expression pedal control, and some really tunable modulations and whammy's/pitch shifters, it has a doubler that, when combined with some gain/fuzz, can give you a great NIN style synth sound. But, the distortio on it is week, but I don't really care becasue I can just boost it with my metal muff.

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I have an RP80. I use it for everyhting exept distortion and reverb. but i dont relaly like the whammy and the wah on it. the whammy doesnt sound that great at all, especially when going 2 octaves up. what about the other RP pedals, how is the whammy on them?
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Does anyone know if the RP80 is true bypass?

nope it doesnt, i made a loop box for mine so i could have true bypass
ive got the RP150, its ok. it was a present, i wouldnt have bought one myself, woulda put the $300 towards a new amp instead

(yes they really do cost that much in australia, pretty much the reason why i have pretty shit gear)
Wahs arent generally good on multi FX processors. You're better off buying a seperate wah not a processer with a wah. I have an RP80 as well and i have made the best distortion on it and i use it for quite a few songs it goes excellently. BUT the wah is SHOCKING!!!
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Does anyone know if the RP80 is true bypass?

I have an RP50 and the bypass on it is the worst i've ever heard. I only really use it for headphone practice if i don't have an amp handy.

EDIT: ^Could you share your distortion settings pls, because i have yet to find one i like.
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I have an an RP350 which is AMAZING I must say

I've owned a PODxt(for one day haha) took it back to get a Vox Tonelab which is fantastic... yet I always come back to the RP it just sounds so clear and great! Id buy another if anything happend to it.
I own the Rp400. It's pretty cool really. It has cool presets, and is easy to record with.
I also own the Fender G-Dec... the RP400 is far better when it comes to the presets...
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