I can buy a 2005 Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Studio with hardshell case for $400.

The problem is it's stamped factory 2nd. Buyer says it feels, plays and sounds great, and except for two tiny nicks, is flawless.

Anyone have a factory second elitist?

What does this mean?

Should I (would you) buy?
usually means that there was an imperfection in painting or something, theres probly nothing wrong with it except for a flaw in the paint
I would. $400 is damn cheap for an Elitist, and you hardly ever see these second hand around here at least.
Factory seconds means that it was previously owned or has some slight factory defects in the instrument. It's still playable and can be bougth at a lower cost than others of the same model with no defects.
It's better to sit there and look stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
I'd do it. Unless you worship your guitar, you'll end up with similar dings or scratches anyways. I'd take that deal and run.

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