Hey all, does anyone know what kind of hard drive would fit into the slot in the back of a regular playstation 2? im not looking for the one that Sony made (or still makes...?) im looking to put a 256 gig hard drive on my PS2 for some reasons im not going to get into :P

Thanks in advance...
the giant slot in the back is made for a hard drive...at least thats how my buddies is. he just doesnt remember what kind of hard drive it is and it doesnt look like one that i have ever seen.
I put a Maxtor 120 gig harddrive into mine. You can order them from the internet or get them at futureshop or wherever. And if your asking this so that you can rip games to it, google hd loader. It's a disc that works the same way as a mod chip would, and you can load the games off of your hardrive right away. When i got mine it was only $20 or so...
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i also thought the slot in the back was for the network adapter, which sony doesn't make anymore because it's built into the slimline model.
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