im havein a horrible time ringing notes.onlylast 2-4 seconds.

any tips on how to get it to ring longer.

plzz share
get a better guitar with longer sustain
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lol "horrible ringing out notes" haha i think u mean sustain. anyways there isn't much you can do, other than press down hard. make sure the volume knob on your guitar is all the way up too. other than that, get a better guitar. that's about it.
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get a better guitar and sustainer/compressor pedal.
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do it like bb king and let it feedback a little. it will ring till jesus comes back
^ lmao....yeah u can just put the head stock touching the amp.
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Do these things first....

Check your action isn't too low, make sure your strings aren't old, use a heavier pick, make sure your amp is set correctly eg midrange not scooped.
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