Its pretty solid.

I have 2 crits.

1. Try mixing it up a bit, the song has a relitivly slow pace and is more or less the same stuff over and over again.

2. Do you listen to anything but Tool?

..don't take those personally, I'm just trying to help you out a bit.
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Yeah, doodleface, I agree, the song does feel a bit repetitive. We did a terrible job of capturing the dynamics of the song in the recording, so that doesn't help. It's hard to notice the quiet, soft spots and the louder, more powerful sections in the recording. Everything kinda came out with the same volume so we'll have to work on that in the future. Thanks for the comments.
THis was really great. I loved the atmosphere you created (the reason im into prog) and good use of effects to do this. I though the vocals were perhaps a little off sometimes but were good for the most part and I loved the backing vocals.

As everyone has said and you have admitted, it does get repetative. You could to two things here... make the song shorter (it is 8 minutes) or add some more parts.

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