Okay, I have recently sparked a huge interest in learning music theory. I have picked up the book "Idiots Guide to Guitar Theory". It is really interesting but leaves a few things to be desired.

So my main question is, how can one create a chord from just its root note? Say I want to create a D# chord. Do I start off with D# and use the 1-3-5 pattern (D# F# G#) or do I have to use a D# key? Im a little confused and Id just like someone to pop this little part into my brain. Thanks.
If you wanted to make a D# major chord then you could find it using the 1st 3rd and 5th notes of the D# maj scale. so play the major scale in he key of D#, then find out what the 1st 3rd and 5th notes of that scale are. in this case they are D#(1) G(3) A#(5)
Yes start the count from D# as the root.
If you want to make the F# start the count from the F#

1, 3, 5 are the apeggio of major chords
1, 3b, 5 are for the minors

From the key or parent scale

I, IV, V or 1,4,5 chords are major
II, III, VI or 2,3,6 are minor
VII is the diminish

In the key of Eb
the chords are

Eb maj, Fm, Gm, Ab maj, Bbmaj, Cm, Ddim
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D#maj is D# G A#

if you're making a major chord, you take the scale of EbMajor (this is the same as D#, but easier to read) [Eb F G Ab Bb C D], and use the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes of the scale (Eb, G, Bb).
For minor chords, use 1 b3 5 (Eb Gb Bb)
For diminished 1 b3 b5 (Eb Gb A)
For augmented 1 3 #5 (Eb G B)

Well, you actually created a different chord.

To make a chord, you take the scale you want (doesn't just have to be major), write it out, and do the leap frog technique.

So if we just wanted to make a major triad, we skip over a note. Lets Take Eb major scale:

Eb F G Ab Bb C D

Eb = Eb G Bb

Then to make it a Major 7th, we leap frog one more.

Ebmaj7 = Eb G Bb D.

If we wanted an Eb7 (1 3 5 b7) then we would take the Eb Mixolydian mode (1 2 3 4 5 6 b7).

Eb F G Ab Bb C Db

Eb7 = Eb G Bb Db.

Any questions feel free to ask, and you're interest is excellent!

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if you have a keyboard...it's really easy to visuallize.
It's basically every other notes.

if you play just the white keys, (key of C) You'll be hitting every other key
even as you extend the chords to 7, 9, 11,13,

The #5 basically tell you to play the 5th 1/2 step up.
Thanks alot guys. Do you have to memorize each individual scale or is there a pattern here? I have a little rhyme here to remember which keys have how many sharps but it really isnt so useful. Thanks again!
Sometimes it is useful to use a formular from a certain scale, but this leads to confusion when you want to go for diminished/other chords where you have to go out of the scale or find some weird one that no one has heard of.

WHat I do is to just think of them as different intervals, a major chord is 4 semitones up and then 3 semitones up, a maj3 + m3. THis way, all you have to do is count up in semitones, which is not that hard
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