I have a Line 6 LD300 pro its a great amp however, i have a hard time finding a decent sounding synth setting. I love the amp but i'm starting to find the synth setting unusable. Does anybody have this amp or the bass pod and that could maybe recommend me some good sounding settings?
You want a good synth tone? It's hard to say because there are umpteenth different types of synth tones.
Also what guitar do you use? On a fender Jazz bass i can get an awesome hysteria/time is running out synth tone with the electro harmonix big muff.
I have the LD 150 and yeah sometimes the synth sounds cool but its hard to get good tones out of it. Just takes a lot of tweaking I guess.
A T-bird and a Big Muff in your GAS list!? Egad man, are you trying to kill me!?
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