I didnt know who else to ask so I turned to the wise sages at UG! Hopefully someone can help me.

This is my amp:

Anyway, my problem is that if I have the volume up to at least 50% the sound gets distorted and it sounds terrible. I tried changing my mids, bass and treble setting to 50% thinking the EQ was overloading it or something but that didnt help at all. Im not really sure what to do. I can barely be heard over the drummer and when the guitarist is here no one can hear me at all.
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as i once said five minutes ago: "if the quality of the amp sucks get a less suckier one."
Uh, I wouldn't call that a sucky amp at all.

Maybe you're getting feedback from standing too close to your amp or setting it up too close to your guitarist's amp. That's all I can think of.
^I get this problem even when the guitarist isnt around

All the settings are at 50% and the distortion is off. I was thinking maybe its a problem with the speaker but Im not really sure.
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Sometimes my amp gives me a nasty sound when I get to close to magnets or an electronic device (TV etc) with the guitar
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My amp does it.U jus need a better amp.If u turn it up to load u might ruin the speaker.
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