Any played the new Hamer Californian??

I love my Hamer now, so I was curious as to what the new Californian sounded/felt like... anyone given it a try?
The Californian is a great guitar. What type of Hammer do you play, and what type of music do you play?
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yes! another person with a hamer on here! I would of played it if it was at the store i got mine.
I play a Standard archtop flametop, with a blueburst finish and creme binding. The only thing I didnt like about this guitar was the pickups it came with. So I switched them out for some EVO 2s. But I think I am going to switch out the bridge pickup for an Evolution now. I really do love this guitar. My bandmate isn't really a fan, but thats because he doesn't like the feel of the neck. He's an all out Gibson fan...you know how they are haha.

I play mostly metal, and now and then I play some slow clean/light od, classical feeling stuff. Just whatever I make up that sounds good for the most part with some Yngwie and Vai inspired progressions.

I was wondering about the Californian because we play in a lot of different tunings so it would be nice to have a guitar that I can just swap out instead of have to sit there and tune...nobody wants to do that in the middle of a show. The one store that was going to start to sell Hamer's in my area decided to go with ESP just because its a more well known name...i havent had much experience with ESP either. So now if I wanna play a Californian I gotta drive two hours. So thats why i figured I would get a general consensus on here, even though I know you absolutely gotta play a guitar before you even think about buying one.