And joined one of the thrash metal bands at my school.

As rhythm guitar. Well, not a permanent position, as of right now... they needed a rhythm guitarist, and they know I'm a good guitarist, and asked me. Long story short.. I'm in their band now.

Until the show they're playing, in May.

At a club..

Hah, how's that for a first time playing in front of more than 5 people.

Yah, first time playing a show. Now see... i wouldn't so much have a problemw ith this, nerve wise. If it wasnt for the fact that word got out that I could sing.... and the band asked me to sing for them, as of right now they are a lack of a singer, and we're looking for one.

So... Now I haven't said yes, but People have told them that I'm a good singer. And personally, i think I'm a decent singer... and it is a dream of mine to be lead singer for a band one day. However, seeing as I have never sung in front of that many people, nerves are a' risin!

basically... what I need to know... is what should i do to prepare myself for singing and playing in front of more people than I'm used to handling. Again, I've never played or sung in front of more than 5 people total.

I feel like i need to, so i can start my way on that dream... but my nerves are killing me, and probably will be by the time the show comes up.

I know you guys get this question alot, but what could I possibly do to make this club filled with people slightly less pressuring?
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Imagine them in their tighty wightys!


Can i imagine tighty burgundy's instead?

i like burgundy
~~You are nothing. I am a God among men, creating the Universe before leaving you blinded and wandering.~~
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Can i imagine tighty burgundy's instead?

i like burgundy

Whatever floats your boat man
Good luck
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Could do like Lemmy. Wear sunglasses and crank the mic way up so you're looking at the ceiling, not at the audience:

Growing up, I was very shy. The odd thing was, when I went onstage for a performance I was fine, then RIGHT afterwards.. I had slight anxiety attacks. This was cured by just constantly performing. The key thing to remember is don't let the audience get under your skin. Some people in the audience often didn't come for the band. This often happens at a bar because there may be something else going on like a game on the television or some guy trying to hook up. You'll also get people who will heckle you even if they are enjoying your performance.

Another thing to keep in mind is, most of the time the audience doesn't know your songs. Don't pull attention to mistakes you make and whatever you do NEVER stop playing a song during a show even if all the strings on your guitar break.

When you are onstage, you are in control. The way I see it is, I am getting paid to play there and they paid to get in! You have an obligation to entertain them, but not an obligation to make everyone happy at once. That just can't happen. Don't feel like you have to be the best musician people have ever seen and just take it as time comes.

You can also try putting yourself under brief hypnosis before the gig.
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its important the band support you as a vocalist, tell them what you need .

keep material simple more repetitive than usual , as this will help you be able to sing over the top .

believe in what you are singing , don't try and be something you are not , just express what is inside , a simple lyric that means something to you will win an audience more than trying to hard .

"Joined this band ,
now im singing ,
a decent singer ,
but nerves are a rising,
nerves are a rising .

on my way ,
to start this dream ."

probally a bit jolly for a thrash metal band ,

you could try :
"rising up ,
killing me ,
before the show ,
the blood will flow !! "
thats a bit more cheery
don't look at the audience. just stare into space or something.