Sorry guys, I'm very new to guitars and I've been trying to learn to play by myself, learning from the basics, from the lessons @ about.com

Heck, I'll read yours too, but I'm so confused right now, and I REALLY need to know this.

G G/F# C
it's hard to lead the life you choose/ all i wanted
G G/F# C
and all your lucks run out on you/ all i wanted
G G/F# C
and you can't see when all your dreams are coming true
Em C
oh yeah/ it's easy to forget
Em C
yea/ and you choke on your regrets
Em C D
yea/ who the hell did i think i was

So, whenever I look for songs to play, thats what I get...lyrics with letters above them. Now, what should I do with them? Should I play the chords? Gmajor, C, I know all of them, but what exactly do I do? I really need this ASAP... =/...

Also, I need help with strumming, I can strum, yes, but I dont get why it sounds so...bad >_<?!

Lol, I really need this... I'm willing to read long responses, anything, I'm very determined in this.

Thanks for read!

Oh, if this is posted in wrong forum, move it at free will =]

yeah, those are chords that go over the lyircs. to get the pattern yuou just have to listen since tab can't note the rhythm. download guitar pro tabs so you can see/hear the rhythm.
Try to listen to the song, and look for changes in chords, that's when you change the chords, there's nothing you can do about the notation, that's how it's normally done. Try to look for the strumming pattern also, and just experiment with it. Once it sounds roughly the same, you're good =)

for your strumming, probably it's because you haven't pushed the frets hard enough. Try to push it a tiny little bit harder, and then try to pick that particular string. Do not strum, before you get a clear sound on each and every strings. Another thing to notice also, is that do not press too hard. If you press it too hard, your fingers will get tired very soon.
find tabs with the pictures that show you u the fingering and the number of times to hit each chord it is th ebest way to learn if you are just starting