Poll: Should I change my power chords fingering??
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View poll results: Should I change my power chords fingering??
No. Stay with the index/ring combo
3 14%
Yes. Change to the index/pinky combo
2 10%
Yes. Change to the index/ring+pinky combo
7 33%
It doesn't matter... as long as you're comfortable!
9 43%
Voters: 21.
I actually play my 3 strings power chords with index/ring combo... should I change over to index/pinky or index/ring+pinky ???
Note: Sorry if my grammar and/or vocabulary isn't very good, English is my 2nd language!

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whatever you feel most comfortable with- i use my index on the root, ring on the 5th, and pinky on the 8th (i think it's the 8th.....)
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yea its the root the 5th and the octave and yea i like to use index ring and pinky
I say as long as you're good with the 2 fingers you should stay that way. Sometimes it might be an advantage to powerchord with index+ring. And if not, at least it's not a disadvantage.
I use index ring and I like it quite alot but whatever works for you....
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