I've been playing guitar for 4 years now and it feels like I haven't been improving or I'm improving very slowly. This gets pretty frustrating but does anyone know what I can do to get better and KNOW I'm getting better?
Well what causes you to think your "bad"? How long do you practice a day? A week? Also, do you practice effectively? When I say effectively, I mean do you run through scales, chords, and work on strumming technique (A lot of guitarists sound bad because of terrible strumming technique)? Also, do you use tabs? If you do, then use them till they help you learn what specific notes sound like till you can learn songs by ear.
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If you have the time set aside a few hours a day or several hours a week dedicated to working on what "AboveTheBridge" just mentioned.

If it's not your technique thats the problem try listening to all kinds of different music. Stuff you wouldn't normally listen to. Try it out maybe it will spark some serious inspiration.

Best of luck.