What was your coolest field trip? I can't decide between Washington DC and Body Worlds 3. (Body Worlds is a dead body museum)
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body worlds= too much penis for me.

i went to the World Trade centers in 4th grade. then a year later. bam.
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Im leaving for Europe in a couple of weeks with my history class, so im sure thats going to kickass




In fifth grade, I went on a river boat trip with my class. I got my first kiss that day!

The only downside was the static electricity on the boat, which I have an extreme fear of.
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well this one time in grade 4 we went to the salmon hatchery and this girl in my class leaned over and fell in and then started flailing around like an idiot...Then her dad jumped in to save her, and acted heroic and everyone was worried, even though it was like 1 foot of water.

Haha, dumbass
You bastard, you've been to some kickass concerts
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Waco, Tx for a technology competition...it was cool cuz we got money daily for food (we chose what to eat individually), a room with 3 of my friends, we had a pool, and i got to see ducks at the river!!!!
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i went on a field trip today to Giants Stadium, we got to see the locker rooms and got to mess around on the field. we went in the press boxes and saw all the behind the scenes shit at Giants Stadium and Continental Airlines Arena, it was a pretty cool trip.
washington DC for 5 days or a tour of the architecture in st. louis. i messed around a lot more in DC because i was young and stupid but i really liked all the architecture in STL. i never really noticed it till a few days ago
I live in Ontario, and me and 7 of my friends won the canadian championship for oddessy of the mind (Gay? Yes. Fun as ****ing hell? Good lord yes.) and went to the world championships in boulder colorado. So sick
School trip to Ottawa last month. So many good times, we did a shitload of stuff during the day, and then at night, we opened the door between the neighbouring hotel rooms and just hungout until like 1.
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Also , contributing to le thread, this other time we went to science world and they had a life size body 3d puzzle, like with the bones and stuff, and then we attached the guys hand where his penis would be, and then we found it.. THE PENIS, So we chased this girl with it and she cried.

lmao thats horrible but hilarious. im glad you chased a girl with a plastic penis gave me a good laugh for a while
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i went to a historical field trip in Philadelphia and our little group ran off and got philly chesse steaks( any body who has had one knows what i mean) and then we got in mad trouble when we got back just in time.
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this marine science trip. oh man it was this boat and we went to marina del rey and everyone was puking and at one point to get out there the driver sped and the boat was going sideways and crap. it was so much fun.

the museum of tolerance blowed though. the only good time was when the tour guide asked for stereotypes and i told her women cant drive.
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In 3rd grade we went to the LA zoo and it was so amazing for a third grader. A field trip that was depressing was when in 8th grade we went to the museum of tolerance (holocause museum) and it was just sad. Also in 7th grade we went to the house of blues and in 8th grade we took this trip down to a baseball field just to play games all day. Seriously that was a great way to end 8th grade. My old school was cool.
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Im going to Canada for a field trip in T-Minus 8 days.....It will be the best field trip ever because our teacher is a really laid-back person. Only downside is that our principal is going.
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This year I should have an awesome field trip, me and a couple good friends are going to Six Flags on the field trip at the end of the year and not ride any roller coasters (we hate them). It's a dream come true ;D
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ya i went to dc too withs ome friends and a teacher. that was pretty wild me and three other friends in a hotel room that is not good. we got the manager and big black security gaurd to come up to our room cause we slept in too late. i answered the door in my boxers. we ran out of money cause we didnt take tip into mind when ordering pizza so we gave the guy 3 bucks and a 1 dollar play money.
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Its a toss up between the whole school going to Lake Compounce, or my class goin to NYC.

Compounce pwned because we took vulgar photographs on boulderdash and they threatened to ban us, and NYC owned cause I threw a quarter of the statue of liberty and almost hit an old lady, that I got some bitches' phone numbers.
Well there were two very memorable field trips for me

1. We went to where our city makes water i guess and then our bus stalled on a set of railroad tracks and a train was comeing and then it stoped but i was waiting for the BOOM

2. We went to old fort william ( a neat historical park where they do skits tours of all the old houses and they act just like the olden days people) in grade 8 as a graduation present from the facuallty and all of us bassically GOT DRUNK O boy it was fun people pased out and we left em behind. It was the best

One more
3. We went camping for 3 days and we set a cabin on fire bassically it was pretty sweet all of thier stuff burned and we had to leave a day early
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