Hey all. I have my S470 which is treating me well for the last few months. I'm looking ahead as to whats next.

I want a larger guitar, like a Les Paul shape. Problem is, the Les Paul Classic is $2k. Is there a cheaper alternative to a Les Paul-style guitar?

Also, i'd like versitility, being able to play hard rock and blues as well is important.
you could get one of the faded les pauls that has p-90's, they're a pretty good balance between single coil and bucker.

What I recommend though is the Gibson Blueshawk. It's discontinued, so you'll have to get it off ebay. P90's, with tone circuitry to get tele, strat, p90 and humbucker sounds.
why don't u change the pickups to coil tap ones?
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why don't u change the pickups to coil tap ones?

Could work I suppose
Well what are some good Les Paul shaped/size guitars?

I'm thinking of maybe the LTD EC-400 with Seymour Duncans, only $650 I think.