My band heinous atrocity has a few vids up if you'd like to critique. We play heavy...stuff ahah.

The song purge was written entirely by me, The Halloween song was written entirely by our bassist, and the song cleverly titled as Tony's Song was written by our bassist and a bit by me, and I helped arrange it. Please check em out.
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NevermorePsalm thank you for showing me how clever and witty one person can be in just a few sentances. My God i wanna be like u so much! In fact we all do. Well done

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K, 1st vid, started off with some good riffs, I'm not a fan of metal too much so sorry in advance lol. There was the chorus riff? that repeated MANY times and I simply grew tired of hearing it. Drumming is pretty good in all three tracks, you guys are great musicians, just need a singer now. I wasn't a fan of the 1st vid, but the 2nd I really liked. The clean intro and bridge and switching to heavy was nice. The riffs were steady but varied enough to keep my attention. Good song, needs lyrics. The 3rd was ok, I didn't fly by the seat of my pants, the chorus riff got to be a little repetitive, but it definately sounded 'halloweeney' haha. Double bassing in the end was pretty sick. Keep workin, you've got some good stuff but find a singer!

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