if anybody knows, whats the difference between a scale and a mode and how do you know what scale/mode to use in a song?
mode in a sense, is another way of saying scale, for instance, yeah you can play a major scale, but its the same as the ionian mode

modes are mostly used in soloing, and they tend to be heavily oriented in guitar, ive known a few people at music schools, and very few of them actually use them in their playing, whereas, i go sit down at my lesson and we start talking about a progression in a song that goes from A mixolydian, to C locrian or something, its much more used in guitar

and theres no limit as to when to use, or not use a mode or scale, its a matter of opinion, although there are some things, for example, someones playing an A7 chord, an A mixolydian mode would work best with that, because of the flat 7, its things like that
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The basic stuff okay. Mode are bascially scales.

In the key of C

If you play from C to C thats the Ionian mode...it has a perticular sound.
If you play from D to D that's the dorian mode..it has a perticular sound.
E to E...phygian.....and so on and so forth

You need to train your ear to hear it.

lets say a song movement is Cmaj, Emin, Dmin

You bascially play the E phyian mode over the Emin chord to harminize
when over the Dmin , play the D dorain mode.

The reason why there's a flat 7 is because now you looking from the chord perspective. A7 is the fifth chord of key of D
If you play A to A in the key of D. The 7th note of the mixolian mode is actaully the 4th note of the parent scale ( key of D ).
That note is 1 full step down from the 5th ...that's why its a flat 7th.

The reference piont are 1/2 steps between (3, 4) ( 7, 8) for a maj key or diatonic scale.

if you play the 7th note of the A mixolian mode not flat....it would change
into an A ionian mode.
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