I am reposting this. It got closed yesterday because I posted to much. I wanted to know what other people think. I myself actually like. I think it is the way I picture it in my head.

Make Myself

Blood and guts.
Tounge and cheek.

Shit, I put my hands where my eyes can't see,
Just the way Busta told it to me,
Because sometimes I need to believe
Just by hearing the smallest of things.

Wind and leaves.
Birds and bees.

Shit, some girls get mad at me,
I can be kind of mean.
"Baby you gonna have to leave,
Girl I got to get some sleep."

Yesterday and today.
Tomorrow never is.

Shit, these damn days are troubling.
I should come to grips with you and me,
And wake up from this dream.
No...I know we are meant to be (I am disillusional).

Blood, sweat, and tears.
I drank to many beers
Last night...now my Goddamn head hurts.

I know that this thing seems a bit irregular in its structure and flow. But it really fits the music I have in my head. It is this kind of pleasent upbeat music. Like you would hear on Scrubs
What the hell is wrong with Bobby Hill
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in a rap song this would be good cuz it is the same thing over and over but it is be good for hip hop standards
I don't see how it would be good for a rap song, maybe like g love and special sauce stuff.

And as far as the title, I was struggling. The song is about how I get depressed too much over girls, and then to beat the depression I wake make myself into a individual I am not. Like I will start demoralizing women and drinking to much. Or I will try to totally black out the stuff that is bothering.

But in the end I will always end up falling for that girl, and start imagining things that are not happening. Then I will just get drunk. I really try not to take myself tooseriously, and I tried to reflect it here... well maybe not.

But it is meant to be a little silly.
What the hell is wrong with Bobby Hill
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