Ok im not quite sure how to word this so bare with me.

When i play with a clean tone on my guitar through an amp and the volume is all the way up, i hardly get any volume at all. Its ok for practicing in my room and stuff, but when i go to my friends house to mess around (he plays drums) theres no way i could ever be able to hear my guitar. but it only happens with the clean channel, distortion channel sounds great and can get really loud. its only the clean tone that is really soft.

is this a problem caused by the pickups? they are yamaha humbuckers, and i dont know anythin about pickups but since my guitar was only $400 im guessing they arent the best.

if someone could give me some suggestions to what the problem is that would be great. its probably just sucky gear, but if its somethin i can fix id like too.

(and its not my amp, other guitars can plug in and have full volume)

thanks much
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