how often is this done

i got my guitar about 6 months ago, and ive noticed since i play a good amount, ive worn down a lot of the frets, nowhere near needing to be replaced, but still very noticable
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quite a good question i never have had to have any of my guitars re-fretted and really only when its required then it should be done so its not done that often
refrets may have to be done once every 5-10 years or longer, depending on how much you play. Often you can have the frets redressed, which is a much cheaper and less intrusive process. I'm thinking about having a few of the frets on my ravelle redressed, and I've had it for about three years now. Don't bother getting frets redressed or having the guitar refretted unless you notice significant tuning issues.
how do you wear down frets?
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It's just friction between the frets and the strings
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