Is there any way to record a second loop during a single song without stopping the first? I don't want to overdub, because often times I would like to record a segment longer than I originally recorded the first loop, but when it hits the end of the loop it automatically begins looping the overdub, even if you aren't done. There has to be a way around this, otherwise I am very dissapointed.
Not 100% sure I quite understand - I just got one myself. All I know is that if you get a separate FS you can switch phases ... so record phase 1, and phase 2, and while you're playing over switch it. SO lame that for 250 you don't get that extra FS and half to buy it yourself though.

Sorry I didn't realize you had to save a loop in order to record another... my stupid mistake. This makes things a lot easier.

Oh, and btw, you don't neccesarily have to buy the FS, some other pedals work. I was able to use my Twin Reverb's vib/verb pedal to switch between loops.