Can someone please tell me or direct me in the right direction of a tab for Walk-Pantera or at least tell me how to get the intro down
well I just watched that then actually tried playing it. he looks like he's playing it according to the tab and bending that first fret. it doesn't really sound exactly like it when i do it but close enough I guess.
The tab has it in drop D tuning, but I'm pretty sure its in standard tuning, except everything down about a whole step. (so instead of E A D G B E its D G C F A D). That's the tuning the guy in the video is using, you can tell because of the power chord shapes he's using.

Also the tab just indicates bend the sixth string, but it doesn' t say anything about releasing it. Like this:


so you bend the sixth string first fret up a half step, then release it, then open string

so assuming the bottom string is tuned to D not E, the notes would sound roughly like this:

actually the original tuning dimebag used was something like Db, Ab, Db, G, B, E

But most people tab it DADGBE

As for the rif try:

0 0 1b(2) 0, 0 1b(2) 0
from Dime's book (Riffer Madness), pg. 46:

"guitar tuned down one step (low to high: D G C F A D)"

it actually sounds somewhere in between Db and D, his guitar tech talks in the book about how they would usually tune his guitars a quarter tone flat

anyway, the point being that he doesn't use drop D tuning for Walk, its standard tuning down between 1 and 1 1/2 steps (altho he does use drop D tuning in other songs, New Level for example)

also the riff is notated on that page as bending and releasing that note on the sixth string.
meaning you don't just bend the string and that's it, its all over with, you gotta also release it back to its starting point. Its a bend and release.
the only person now that can play Walk PERFECTLY is Synster Gates.....he plays it as a tribute to Dimebag at EVERY SHOW they play...