yeah that attracted your attention didnt it.

what do you think of this rig?


id like to get a system at a relatively low price but this seems kinda absurd. If this sucks, what should i go with?
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does anyone have any legitimate opinions on the sub system?

It's junk. All of that for $80? Save your money.
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i mean thats what i figured by right now my stock sub is blown, so id like to get something . I had some realyl shit like 150 watt subs i bought a long time ago for like a buck and what i did was cut the pos and neg wire to my stock sub then took two 5 foot long speaker wires and joined them together at one point two positives together and two negatives. Then i attached that to the original wires and fed them to both sites of the speakers (theres two in the cabinet) now idk if it came unattached but there not working anymore. I think i may have hurt something because my stereo puts out 4 ohms, and im unsure of the woofers i put in ohms. I dont want to spend much money though thats what i was looking at a package.
looks like junk to me.

you arent going to get a decent audio system for anywhere close to that price.

look at spending at least $500
You can do better man. I found a small amp at Best Buy, open box deal, got it for like...65 dollars. I got my sub for free, but you can get subs pretty cheap if you look around, don't be afraid to go to pawn shops man, you can find good ass deals there.
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Yea, that would work, I would splice them in with your rear speakers if you did that.

would i still be able to hook up an amplifier then? if i did that i could only run what my cars speakers could put out, rather then what those could put out.
meh ive been doing a little bit more reading and i dont think the set up as a whole would do that great for bass. What if i were to take out the 16 each speaker and use that in a new cabinet. Also, if i were to just hook up the whole thing would i just be getting a really loud stereo rather then really loud bass?
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I think that would just cause it to be loud more than anything. A lot of the bass from Subs comes from the construction of the cones plus the amps power. So you should probably just save up for some decent stuff.