Hey everybody - my new band played our first show at the end of January and here's a video fo the first song. It's just from a camcorder so the quality isn't perfect but it's pretty good considering.

Here ya go
very good for your first show

How long have you guys been together practicing?
good job! keep it up man!
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do u guys know where i can get guitar tabs ive bin lookin every where on the internet..

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pretty good for ur first

but were yall getting booed?
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thanks everybody

but no...no booing. not sure what you heard. the crowd was extremely into it.
Yeah....Really Great dude
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THat was really good.

Glad to see a band that spent time practicing their set and honing their sound before unleashing themselves on the public.

MY only critiscm would be the singing either the camcorder doesnt capture it very well or your very nearly outta tune on a number of occassions

Nonetheless good song

keep er lit
I really liked the intro to that song. Not bad for your first show.

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