hey, ive been fingerpicking for about 8 years but have just recently gotten into playing some rock on my electric. i can play the left hand on pretty much everything but always screw up my picking. does anyone have tips? down to basics like how to hold the pick, arm/hand movement, etc. i especially have problems switching strings and even more so skipping them. thanks
It's something that just takes practice, really... Hold the pick however you want, as long as it feels comfortable. I recommend using your thumb and index finger to hold it. That's what most guitarists are taught to do in the very beginning.

Try exercises like this:

(Just a quick example to give you some ideas regarding exercises to try). This particular one would help you with your picking, timing the pick with the notes you're playing, switching strings, and skipping strings.

I might add to this post later... Too tired now.
D E N V E R B R O N C O S vs. S E A T T L E S E A H A W K S
ok, thanks for the suggestions, but i should have said that im not completely incompetent, just when playing at higher speeds. not as in shredding but something like 275 bpm. i cant really keep a constant rhythm and sometimes my pick catches on the string. again, this gets much worse when i have to switch or, especially, skip strings. i know im supposed to put the smallest amount of the pick possible on the string but thats more or less it. by how to hold it i meant the angle in relation to the string from above and from the side, if that makes sense.