Is there any way to determine the scale length of a bass just by looking at it? For like an auction-type situation, I mean. I'm looking for a new 4-string, and I think the perfect bass would be a 32" scale...my first bass was a 30", and my current is either 34" or 35"...maybe even 36," dunno, it's an Ibanez SR505. The 30" was great, easy to move around on...but it might be a bit too small for my tastes...34" is fine, but I think 32" would be best....

However, I'm most likely going to get my bass from an online auction or something, so I can potentially get it for a good price...so I was curious if it was possible at all. Maybe from how the frets look or something?
34" scales are the most common. 30" scales are second most common. 35" inch scales are lesser than 30", 32" less than 35", and 36" is damn near impossible.

Off hand, I can't think of any 32" scale instruments besides Alembic.
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