I wrote this after the first time I played in a bar. I then played it with my band and it was a hit.

just wanna know what UG thinks. no chorus... just verses (goes with the music) 12 bar blues

It's about that time again
another days come to an end
yeahh gonna call the boys up its already 10 past 10
grab my guitar, jump in my car
on my down to the rock n roll bar

It's time for us to leave scar
tonights the night the stage is ours
yeah those friday night lights
make you feel like a city star
suddenly the bigtime dont seem so far
playing downtown at the rock n roll bar

sippin back a drink to stop my shakin knees
more than 300 people staring up at me
yeahh lets get this show on the road
get me onstage just to set me free
blue, broke, piss drunk whoever you are
head on down to the rock n roll bar