I know that you have seen this on Oprah or even received numerous
messages about this simple program and have probably just deleted them,
I know I have! But for some unknown reason this time I decided to give it a try.

Please give it an honest effort, you will not be disappointed and will be very
glad you did when it starts to work. Remember, all you're going to be out of
pocket is about the cost of a couple of coffees with the opportunity of banking
thousands of pounds into your E-Gold account!

I sent out my measly $6.00 to the six people on the list. Well GUESS WHAT!!...
Within 7 days, I started: getting $$$$$ in my account! I was shocked! I figured
it would end soon, but the CASH just kept coming in. In my first week, I made
about $25.00. By the end of the second week I had made a total of over $1,000.00!
In the third week I had over $15,060.00 and it's still growing. This is now my
fourth week and I have made a total of just over $26,000.00 and it's still coming
in rapidly. It's certainly worth $6.00 and 6 minutes to send it out. This program
WORKS, all you have to do is try it, and waste some pocket change. You could find
six dollar lying around the house. There is absolutely nothing you could lose. Just
follow the 3 basic steps below to make thousands in just a few days, weeks, or months,
it all depends on how many posts of this letter you put in message boards
or send as emails.

Here’s how it works: When you post 200 messages all over the internet, it is
estimated that at least 15 people will respond and send you a $1.00. ($15.00).
Those 15 will Post 200 Posts each and 225 people send you $1.00 ($225.00) Those
225 people Post 200 Posts each and 3,375 people send you $1.00 ($3,375.00) Those
3,375 post 200 posts each and 759,375 people send you $1.00 ($759,375.00) At
this point your name drops off the list, but so far you have received $813,615.00.
Note: I'm not saying this is going to make everyone 800 grand, but lets say even

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Immediately send $1.00 to each of the six people on the list using
Paypal, and in the comment (Subject) section type "Please add me to your list". Below
are the emails that you transfer the money into:

E-Gold accounts to send 1$ to :

1. 2579003

2. 2554473

3. 2567231

4. 2603832

5. 2762313

6. 4226657

2.After sending the money to the first 6 people on the list, you can remove the name
next to the #1 on the list and move the rest of the names up one position (#2 becomes
#1, #3 becomes #2, etc?) Then place your name in the #6 position. Then save it.

Estimates are at 20,000 to 50,000 new users, every day, with thousands of those
joining the actual Internet. Remember, play FAIRLY and HONESTLY and this will
work. If you don't have a paypal account you can copy the link below and follow the
instructions. It’s totally secure, costs you nothing to set-up and is a very useful way of
transferring and more importantly receiving money. You will be amazed every time
you check your account to see how much money has been paid into it, and this money
goes straight in without any deductions. To sign up for e-gold follow this link,

4. This program remains successful because of the honesty and integrity of the
participants. Please continue its success by carefully adhering to the instructions.
In this business your product is not solid and tangible, itps a service. You are in
the business of developing a Mailing list.

5. This is perfectly legal! If you have any doubts, refer to #####le 18 Sec.
1302 & 1241 of the Postal Lottery laws.

6. Good luck, don’t forget to follow the instructions correctly and spend the money wisely!!
I go on MetalGeaRPG rather often, and we get shit like this all too often. It's not hacked accounts we get, just robot accounts that are made for one useless advertising post in the non-member forums, and then a funny conversation from the members, and an eventual banning by one of the Admins. Ahh, I miss that site...
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who the **** would say "hey stranger, add me to some ****ing list and then send me a buck to this acct ######## then tell other people my name and ask them to send me a buck too"

thats stupid....even if this is a robot, thats the DUMBEST SHIT ive seen at attempt of fake ads...
Sperm or spam i am confuzzeld?
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