Hi guys, Im gettin ready for my music theory final and i missed this one days lesson and need a quick question. I am analyzing a seventh chord and need to know what all the intervals equal. For example i know that minor, minor,minor would make a diminished chord. Could anyone give me all the combinations? Id really appreciate it
well ill give you a few, there are a lot and i dont really feel like going through all:
MmM: major seventh = _maj7
Mmm: dominant seventh = _7
mMm: minor seventh = _m7
mMM: minor major seventh = _mM7
MMM: augmented major seventh = _aug7
mmM: half diminished
mmm: full diminished

i think thats right and those would be the most common ones.
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MMM would just give you an Augmented triad.

no, MM would give you an augmented triad. I dont like this way of writing it out.

Root + Maj3 + P5 + Maj7 = Maj7 chord
R + M3 + P5 + min7 = 7 chord (said "dominant 7")
R + m3 + P5 + m7 = m7 chord
R + m3 + d5 + m7 = half diminished 7
R + m3 + d5 + d7 = diminished 7
R + m3 + P5 + M7 = Minor major 7

thats how Id teach them, although nothing previously posted was wrong.
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^ yeah, thats how i usually look at them as well, but the threadstarter asked for the intervals between the notes. interesting way to look at it, but i prefer what you have as well.
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no, MM would give you an augmented triad. I dont like this way of writing it out.

He is right.. a major third from an augmented fifth would be a repeat of the tonic.

C + M = E
E + M = G#
G# + M = B# (C)

So MMM would be an augmented triad.

I think jof meant a maj7#5 chord, which would be MMm.

C + M = E
E + M = G#
G# + m = B.

C - E - G# - B is Cmaj7+.