Ok so my moms boyfriend bought me a cab and I come home and find out my fender twin cant push this cab and it doesnt work. I dont know why cause i've used it with a kustom cab and it worked but whatever. He was kinda dissapointed that i was all psyched about the cab and I couldnt use it so he said he'll buy me a head too. I have no cash limit from him buy i gave myself one of 1000 dollars. I have a fender cab and I want a Fender head unless i find something better so i was thinking the Fender Metalhead since i play in a Hardcore band but i want an amp that is versatile. My ideas at this point are Fender MH or a Randall head but I wanna make sure I get a SICK head since this is probably my best opportunity. The Vai Legacy head is 900 bucks and i know that will sound amazing cause its Steve Vai but I don't use amp distortion anyway so I dont know if that matters. What should I do when in this case where im looking for:

    • Metal sound
    • good, warm clean
    • more than 100 SS watts
    • versatility

    help me

    if you want an example of the sound i need it for listen to my band

    why dont u use amp distortion?
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    ...for the gigs im going to be playing its going to be 60% tone and 40% stage look, and I'd like the look of my rig to be able to back up its sound.

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    why dont u use amp distortion?

    I just haven't found one I liked. I'm really picky about my tone but I'm not closed minded about the idea.
    if you have a pedal for your distortion then i assume you are not gonna use a lead overdrive channel on an amp so, my reply would be to go for a crate powerblock. it has only one channel. if you want something bigger with 3 channels go for the crate blue voodoo. it's an awesome amp. dave mustain's last guitarist in megadeath used one.
    for the most part, any good tube amp will have better built in distortion than anything you can get with a pedal. pedals are nice to tighten an amp up but using the pedal as the main form of distortion probably wont get you that great of metal tones to, say, the built in OD of a splawn qr or something. also, does your fender twin not work with the cab or not work at all? because if it still works I'd just get a tube head thats great for metal and A/B the two so for cleans use the twin and for high gain use the head. you can get some of the peavey heads for under 1k. the carvin stuff is pretty good expect when it comes to real liquid leads. laney is another amp company you can take a look at. you also might be able to find a used Engl for under 1k, perhaps the fireball.
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