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2 29%
duh when did you notice that
1 14%
hell no
2 29%
o yeah he does to
2 29%
Voters: 7.
and it's actually the other way around...shaun sounds like kurt. they even covered "you know you're right" which can be found on youtube.
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Yeah...they kinda do sound alike.

...and I'm gonna have to concur with evening_crow. It's Morgan that sounds like Cobain, seeing as how Nirvana came first...but that's just a technicality...
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And its more like Morgan sounds like Cobain since...hmm kurt was playing years ago.

but anyway,Yes they do sound similar.
it turns out that Kurt Cobain also sounds like the singer of Puddle of Mud. I can't believe that he was totally ripping off those two guys his entire life.
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